Introduction Edit

Grimmy is the antagonist from Running Fred. He is most likely to be the Grim Reaper as he chops people/intruders with his daily sharpened scythe before each level. It is impossible to outrun him but possible to run while he tries to chop you. He has golden statues of himself known as Grimmy Idol hidden in each level in Adventure mode.

Gameplay Edit

In each level of Running Fred, if you run too slow, Grimmy may be able to catch up and he will be seen on the screen. Along with this, the music will fade away and there will only be a heartbeat. Normally, he won't appear if Fred doesn't make any mistakes (such as hitting a wall, knocked down by poles), but if these happens, and Fred slows down. Grimmy will then able to chase up to Fred, and these will result of a level's failure.

If you bought an Afterburner, you will be able to run away from him if Grimmy catches up.

If you step on an accelerating tile, you will be able to run away from him instantly. If you step on two accelerating tiles, you will be able to run far away quickly, leaving Grimmy behind.

Trivia Edit

  • The likes and dislikes of Grimmy:
    • Likes:Chasing Fred, Chopping Fred.
    • Dislikes:Fred getting away.
  • He seems to be living in the Grizzly Manor.