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Running fred

This Wiki is about the game franchise, Running Fred series, and the Falling Fred series. Join in this Wiki and freely post anything related to the topic. All you have to do is to survive from the deadly obstacles and not get killed by the attacks of Grimmy.

Who are the characters? Edit

Characters: Fred, Grimmy

Adventure modes: Grizzly Manor, Danger Caves, High Stakes

Survival: Endless Manor, Endless Caves, Endless Stakes, Endless sector 51(TBD)

There are also lots and lots of challenges for expert players to challenge themselves! There is infinite fun for all players! Yeah!

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This Running Fred wiki is very small, as you can see. There are only 20 pages, with some vandalized and some created without reason. You can help by trying to revert these bad edits, and write something real and useful stuff that are truly useful to the readers. You can contribute even more by adding different images for this wiki.Suck Balls Guys This Game Sucks

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Where to play?Edit

Running Fred is very famous game, you can also play it online(or you can download it on the Microsoft store, but your progress won't save so just use Bluestacks) HERE.

You can also download the game though your app store (in mobile).

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